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Interesting Book

I’d like to draw attention to the following book, whist I only just started reading it is quite interesting!

The book is about the year in the life of training for the Beachy Head Marathon.

Having run the Sussex Endurance life myself I can imagine Beachy Head marathon is not going to be to dissimilar in elevation, and difficulty level.

Training update

After trialling our new training setup this week for Covid, I can tell the unorganised groups isn’t working.
So from next week we’ll only be doing the coached group on Tuesdays and all the guidance around that will stay the same.
I will update the other guidance to state that you should organise running on Facebook group and only meet in groups of 6 for people meeting Tuesdays (not in the coached group), Thursdays, and weekends
we’ll revisit this in a couple of weeks
Thanks for bearing with us whilst we figure out the best way to run things