Club Championships

Links to the yearly Club Championships are shown below:

There are club trophies to be won across all the distances , awarded to the fastest age graded male and female runner, using the World Master Athletics grading tables.

A calculation is carried out using your race time, age and the sex of the runner and produces a single percentage value (and gives an adjusted time to that of a 20 year old).  This percentage value can then be used to compare performances between males and females and across different ages (with the higher the value the better).  For instance a 60 year old female running 5k in 27 mins would give a percentage of 68.5% and an adjusted time of 21:30.

Age Grading calculator

There are also prizes for the fastest male and female runner using the standard UK athletics age categories.

For Men:

Under 40 will be classed as Male Seniors followed by the veteran categories

MV40, MV50, MV60, MV70 and MV80

For Women:

Under 35 will be classed as Female Seniors followed by the veteran categories

FV35, FV45, FV55, FV65, MV80

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