Training Information

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Our training runs cater for all abilities, distances and speeds.

Tuesday and Thursday Meeting  at 6.45 pm starting 7pm

Generally from April to September we run in Windsor Great Park, meeting at Savill Gardens Car Park (Wick Lane, Englefield Green, Surrey TW20 0XD), During the winter months we currently run from Egham Cricket Club( Vicarage Road, Egham, TW20 8NP)

SUMMER TRAINING Starts Tue 28th March 2023 start at 18:45, left side of Savill Gardens Car Park (see below for details)

WINTER TRAINING Starts Tues 14th September for 2021 starts at 19:00, Egham Cricket Club (see below for details)

There are usually several groups running and most runners find a group to suit their pace. There are always club members who are willing to run with new members until they find their feet.

In addition, there is an option to take part in structured interval training on Tuesday sessions (book above), run by club coaches.  These are suitable for all runners, and can really help improve your speed.   The Thursday meetings generally offer small groups running at various paces, normally covering all abilities.

Saturday and Sunday at 9:00 am 

these sessions are always run informally and tend to be more social runs, these can also great group sessions for those training for longer races, so when you are having to put in the miles for marathon training its great to run with others and share the experience. These are normally co-ordinated via our members Facebook group (paid members only), and could be subject to cancellation on race days.

As these are in the morning we meet at Savill Gardens, all year round and run in Windsor Great Park, relaxing in the café afterwards for refreshment and a chat.

New Members

New members should either discuss with our membership secretary options to start training or use our Facebook group (paid members only) to organise a run to the times above.

Great Windsor Park

Arrival at Windsor Great Park

If arriving by car you must arrive before last entry of the car park @ 7pm

You must pay for parking (before you leave) or use your parking membership within the park’s rules.

Follow map above for meeting area PARK ON LEFTHAND SIDE.

Whilst running

Respect wildlife in the park

Avoid areas known to be unsuitable (e.g. pinch points) or busy.

Egham Cricket Club


We will be sharing the cricket club with a dog training club, who will be located in front of the cricket club house. PLEASE DO NOT MEET IN FRONT OF THE CLUB HOUSE. Please try and stay clear and do not shine any head torches in the direction of the dogs in this area as the dogs may be nervous. There will be times when we can meet in front of the club house but please only do this if directed by one of the Committee.

After parking, please wait until passengers in close proximity vehicles leave or enter their vehicles before leaving yours.  The same applies when entering your vehicle at the end of the session.

Follow map above for our meeting area.

Whilst running

DO NOT SHINE your head torches in the direction of the dog training whilst leaving.

BE AWARE of traffic as you will be running in close proximity to roads.

Avoid areas known to be unsuitable or busy.

Wear reflective clothing.

Observe road safety rules

Runnymede Summer Relays taking bookings NOW!, see here for details