Prospective members must fill in a membership form and pay the subscription to the Membership Secretary. All members must be eligible and agree to abide by the rules of UK Athletics.

The amount payable for membership is determined at the AGM and is payable on election and subsequently on 1st April each following year. The Committee may expel any member whose subscription is three months in arrears providing a month’s notice has been given in writing.

The management of the Club is vested in a Committee of members consisting of a Chairperson, Membership Secretary, Secretary, Treasurer, Welfare Officers, Communications Secretary, Kit Secretary and Race Secretary, as per constitution at the AGM, plus officers co-opted at any time thereafter by the Committee. The Committee’s function is to execute the policy determined at the Committee meetings. The Committee will meet a minimum of four times per year.

Second claim Runners shall pay the same fees as first claim members. Second claim members have the same entitlement to win the club trophies as first claim members. From 29/04/2019  only first claim runners can hold club records, although second claim runners claims will be listed, as long as they were entered as Runnymede Runners and ran in club colours in the race in which the time was achieved.

Members shall be entitled to bring one or more guests to any activity of the Club with the express consent of the Chair or the Secretary or specified in a activity details run by the club.
The Member in question shall be responsible for the acts and omissions of his or her guests and shall be liable to the Club for any loss or damage of any kind whatsoever suffered or incurred by the Club as a direct or indirect result of the acts or omissions of any of his or her guests.
Guests shall be legally bound by these Rules as if they were a Member save that guests shall have none of the rights of membership.
A guest may be required to pay a visitor’s fee at such amount and sign a guest register in such form as shall from time to time be determined by the Committee.

Revised March 2023