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Weekday Training to return Tuesday 30th March meeting at Savill garden from 18:30 looking to start at 18:45, the start time will stay at 18:45 for a couple of weeks.

Booking/registering opens 1 day before training



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This is being constantly updated and allows you to see at a glance all the events that RR organises, as well as those events that our members attend

Hopefully it will assist in avoiding clashes, keep up to date as well as give better information on locations and timings in one place.

Feel free to try it out, choose your view, week, month, year etc.

Note: If you want to import it to Outlook or gMail etc., click the menu bar at right top (blue icon with horizontal lines) and choose iCalendar Feeds. Then use the help to import it. It constantly synchronises.