Winter 5KM League

Introducing our 5KM Winter league dip in dip out, the league isn’t about who is fasted but it’s about improvement, and consistency.

First set your first 5KM base time on the first date below at a Parkrun, or virtual 5km if you wish.

Then after run 5km at any Parkrun (or virtual) on the dates set below, the Club will suggest a “nominated” Parkrun venue to run on each race date.

You will get points based on how you compare to your base time in each race, and you don’t need to race on every event.

Extra bonus points available for volunteering at a parkrun.


Set 5 km Parkrun (or virtual) time on:

  • 06/11/2021

Races – will be Parkrun (or virtual) races on these dates:

  • 27/11/2021 – Max 3 points on this race
  • 18/12/2021
  • 08/01/2022
  • 29/01/2022
  • 26/02/2022
  • 19/03/2022

Link to sign up which isn’t essential but will encourage others to join is here

  • Awards

    • 1st in league
    • Runner up in league
    • Best improvement (fastest race time compared to average of first two races, 1st or 2nd in the league at the end can’t win this so it will be given to the next best improvement)
    • Winner in each race for best percentage improvement in time.
    • Perseverance award – Someone whom has completed every race with least improvement showing they have persevered.

  • Rules/Details

    • Must be either a Parkrun or virtual 5km race run on dates above (we will except the day after as well for virtual submissions), can be any Parkrun but it is preferred you do the nominated parkrun.
    • Runnymede Runners Members Only
    • 1 bonus point when you volunteer in any Parkrun between 27/11/2021 – 19/03/2022, this can be done up to three times over the time of the league (3 points max). this will go towards your league points only. you must post a photo of you volunteering on our members Facebook group or email – You must race in at least one race to get these bonus points.
    • You get 0 points for going slower than 1.5% of your latest set time
    • 1 point for being within -1.5%-0% of your latest set time
    • 2 points for going faster than your set time up to 1.5%
    • 3 points for going more than 1.5% faster than your latest set time and a bonus point if you go more than 3% faster but not the first race after your set time.
    • Please run it as a race each time, and to encourage a fair competition if you run more than 10% faster in any race but your first race you will receive only a 3.01% improvement score.
    • If you run faster than your set time that faster time becomes your set time for the next race.
    • All competitors that are on same points in the league will be sorted by better “Average percentage time change”
    • If you go slower than latest set time your next set time will be an average of your previous two race times (with maximum slowest difference of 7%.)
    • Send me results of your race via this form here or email ( a Strava or Garmin link to you activity, I’ll take your Parkrun official time (or elapsed time if virtual which is your time it took you with stops included) over 5 km, or alternatively send me Parkrun official time screenshot.
    • You don’t have to run every race but obviously you won’t get points for races you miss, if you decide to enter once the league has started you can set a 5km time (baseline) any Parkrun or virtual 5km before the next race time you set, but be aware that you will only receive a maximum of 3 point for your first race and you’ll not be able to win the biggest improvement in this race, this is because you won‘t have the 10% improvement cap on your first race.
    • You MUST follow all guidance given by Parkrun if running there
    • If doing your run virtually follow guidance here