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Runnymede Runners Summer Olymbics Wed 28th August 6:45 PM

Runnymede Runners Summer Olympics. Consisting of a Mile event a 800m event and a 400m event.

A fun evening at the Thames Valley Athletics Centre

There will be Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals for both men and women based on your cumulative time in seconds minus your age, lowest time wins. As usual it’s about having fun and it’s the taking part that is important. There will be a £5.00 entry fee to cover track costs. Please try your best to attend and help make this  event a fantastic success.

Relay Race Sat 6th July 2019 – 12pm

Relay Race Sat 6th July 2019 - 12pm

A six-person relay set in the gently undulating environment of the beautiful Windsor Great Park in sight of the castle itself.


All legs start and finish at the same point so there are no complicated changeovers to manage. The race is designed to appeal to athletes, joggers, families and all sports-minded people. Families and supporters are very welcome, the event is ideal for a picnic day out. A fun run will also be provided for under 12s.

Each team is to comprise of six runners. These must include 1 member of the opposite sex and no more than 3 senior males (aged 16 to 39). All runners must be over the age of 16, we cannot cater for Juniors.

Age on race day dictates category. Each runner may only run one leg and for only one team. Runners may run in any order, names need only be declared on race day. (Runners should not change running order after the declaration. If changes are made the registration desk staff must be informed so that the integrity of the results is maintained.)

Due to park restrictions there will only be 1 leg this year, a distance of approximately 3.5 miles. We will not be timing individual legs, just overall team prizes.

The first leg starts at 12 noon. Entry fee is £50 per team. Medals for the first 3 winning teams.

For an entry form click here

For further information contact: Leigh Wallis 07984 261876 or email:

Runnymede Runners Relays Charities

All profits raised in connection with the Relays Event are donated to charity.

Runnymede Runners as a club or individuals cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss to persons, possessions or vehicles on the occasion of these Relays, how so ever caused. Please be reminded that we are only allowed to use Windsor Park with the permission of the Parks Authority. To ensure that we are welcome in future years please take all rubbish home with you. All cars must be parked at the perimeter fence, please car share where possible as there is limited parking. Participants  should walk to the start /finish area.

The race car park is on the A332 , Sheet Street Rd Windsor,

The Handicap Race

The Handicap Race

Summer 5 Mile Handicap. The last Thursday of every month 7pm At Savill Gardens, is the Runnymede Runners 5 mile Handicap. This is a free run, against the clock and refreshments are provided! Only paid up members qualify for trophies. 

It’s also a great way to get to know members of the club and many of us retreat to the ‘The Sun Inn’ for free chips and a few drinks after the event.

– On your first ever handicap run you will be asked to give an estimated time for your 5 miles. Your time will determine the ‘clock time*’ that you begin your handicap run (as runners will start according to their ability but attempt to complete the course by 8:00p.m.) ; once complete, this will give your first ‘race time‘ and become the basis for your new ‘Handicap‘.

*For those that have not been, there is a big yellow clock at the start/finish line, just like the big events… it starts running from 00:00:00 at 7pm !


– When you run your second race the minutes/seconds you have added or taken away between your first estimate and first actual race time (i.e. your first ‘race time’), will determine your start time of your next run. Please note that if any subsequent run in a year is slower than any previous ones, you still keep the handicap of the fastest time…in simple terms you retain your fastest handicap for the year


First Ever run:
– You think you will run the 5 mile course in 45 minutes…. so will be given and slip with a start time of 15:00 (your first virtual handicap).
– At 7pm the Clock Starts… and so you wait until 15 minutes has elapsed, and then you start at 7:15pm ( clock shows 00:15:00 )
– You finish the first race in 44 minutes, well done, 1 minute faster than your estimate.
– Result: So you will have finished when the clock time was 59:00 (15:00+44:00), and your new handicap will be 16:00 (60:00-44:00)

Second race in that same year:
– Your new handicap from above was 16:00, so you must start running when the clock shows 16:00.
– You finish in a race time of 45 minutes, 1 minute slower than your first race
– Result: So you will have finished when the clock time was 1:01:00 (16:00+45:00), and your new handicap will remain 16:00 **
**Because you can’t ‘reduce’ your handicap in a single year and therefore your Handicap remains at your ‘best time for the year’ = 16:00. (not 15:00 as you might think)

Third Race in that same year:
– You start on 16:00 Handicap, so you must start running when the clock shows 16:00
– You finish in a race time of 43 minutes, your new fastest race time for the year
– Result: So you will have finished when the clock time was 59:00 (16:00+43:00), and your new handicap will be 17:00 (60:00-43:00)

– In the following year, your start time (your handicap) will be calculated based up an average of all your race times from the previous year.
i.e. you don’t start the year with a new estimate Laughing

– So from above example it would look something like this (assuming you only ran 3 races): 44+45+43 = 132 and an average of 44…. so next year you handicap is 16 (60-44)

Prizes are awarded in August for most improved time (not including your estimated time) and fastest man and woman over the season.. This is a perfect opportunity to achieve your goals, whatever they may be; to enjoy a scenic 5 miles in the park, to improve your times month by month or to use the route as a tempo run or speedwork. Please join us for some or all of these marvelous, free events! Dates:

April 25th

May 30th

June 27th

July 25th

Aug 29th

Route Below

Club 10 Mile Championships Sunday Oct 13th. The Cabbage Patch 10.


 The Runnymede Runners Club 10 mile championship race, The Cabbage Patch 10 

Sunday 13th Oct

Surrey League Running League

Surrey League Running League

Runnymede Runners belong to the Surrey Men’s and Ladies Cross-Country Leagues .  4 cross-country events are arranged throughout the winter months. The races take place on Saturdays. This is a good opportunity to experience traditional cross country running. We are in one of the lower divisions, and runners of all abilities are welcome. The dates and venues can be found by clicking read more below and using the links. As usual there will be cakes and refreshments post race.

Provisional Fixtures: see links below.

MEN: Saturdays

WOMEN: Saturdays


MABAC League

MABAC League

MABAC arranges a series of races throughout the year, particularly aimed at the fun runner. Most are cross-country events held on Sunday mornings in some beautiful parts of the Surrey countryside, and are very popular with club members and guests.
As well as the senior race of just over 8 km (5 miles) there are also joggers’ and junior events of about 4 km (2.5 miles). Afterwards, runners have been known to find a local pub. Other events are also held, including longer open races. See for details The name MABAC dates from 1977 when the League was first set up. The prime mover was Alan Blatchford, who died in September 1980. He organized a running group at the British ACorporation works in Weybridge (now British Aerospace). Ralph Henleybrought in runners from Matthew Arnold School, Ashford. Hence MA-BAC.

Turkey Trot – 25th December 2018 -11.00 am

Turkey Trot - 25th December 2018 -11.00 am

Traditional free Runnymede Runners fun event with mince pies and mulled wine . Runners estimate their time over the 4ish mile course , the runner nearest their estimated time wins , however no watches are allowed , Santa hats and tinsel are the order of the day, family and friends very welcome . Barley Mow for post race drinks .