Tuesday 13th July Session

Tuesday 13th July Session

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Thanks for a great session last week Steve.
The Valley Gardens Loop is always a favourite.

This week (Tuesday 13/7/2021) we will be heading back to the Polo Fields to for some 800M interval training (Yasso 800s).

The theory behind Yasso 800s is that your time in minutes and seconds for a workout of 10 times 800 meters with equal recovery time (jogging slowly) is the same as the hours and minutes of your marathon time. For example, if you can run 10 times 800 meters in four minutes and 20 seconds with four minutes and 20 seconds recovery jog, then this predicts that you can run four hours and 20 minutes for your marathon. (Because of limited time we can’t do the full session.)

Please remember to book when it opens on Monday evening.

Look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

Mandy and Steven Williams

Carl Burgin