Thursday 6th May Session

Thursday 6th May Session

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New Training Session. Thursday 6th May 2021 @ 7pm
Plyometrics and Drills.

You might have heard about these things and wondered:
Who are they for?
What benefit would I see?
How would I implement them into my training?

The quick answers are:
They are for everyone who wants to run.
The benefits are far reaching, helping you to become a stronger, more efficient and resilient runner.
They are likely easier to implement than you thought, just by adding a few extra minutes into some of your existing running sessions.

This week, after warming up, we will cycle through some standard running drills, then move onto a very effective plyometric exercise, which studies have shown can provide a 7% gain in running effectiveness after an 8-week training block (or you could spend £260 to get a 5% improvement from a well-known shoe manufacturer right now!) We will then finish with a warm down jog and some simple stretches.

Please remember to book when It opens on Tuesday evening – there are only 12 places, but don’t worry as I hope to run a session every two weeks.

Looking forward to seeing you all on Thursday!


Carl Burgin